"This job is by no means a walk in the park,

but you will get to walk in a lot of parks."


Amy Nuttall

Business & HR Manager


"Master of Resources  and Humans"

Sanna Imtiaz

Community Support Coordinator


"Master of Saturdays and Peterborough"

Joe Lyons

Community Support Coordinator


"Master of Fitness and being made to go to Weddings"




aebal was established in 2012.


Founded by support workers, we are reinventing the image of social care through the creativity of our support and our approach to employment.


We have a very clear ethos and set of values which are embraced and embodied by everyone who represents the service.


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All the activities and opportunities we provide are 100% in the community and as inclusive and mainstream as possible.

We support in small groups and on a one to one basis, without the need for day centres.


We try to be extremely proactive and imaginative with the activities we source and the venues we use.


The sessions are all about finding the right social dynamics and social settings so that everyone feels more confident, accepted and independent out in the community.


Through positivity, understanding and often humour! we have been aebal to provide the foundations for people to start believing in themselves more, to try activities they would never normally try and to gain a real sense of belonging.




















All our staff love what they do and have bundles of personality! They are all active and enthusiastic people with their own interests and life experiences.


We encourage them to share these interests whilst being open to learning about (and often trying!) the passions and hobbies of the people they support.


We believe it should always be a two-way exchange like this. 


The last thing we want is for people to feel we are only there to look after them and to achieve a set outcome.


The aebal approach to support is to be there with the person, not for them.


We pick people up for sessions across the whole of Nottinghamshire and also parts of Derbyshire, but the activities themselves are often further afield.


Many of these sessions are delivered in the evenings and at weekends which is when we think people can often feel the most isolated.

We all need interests and activities outside of typical working hours which is why the service really works!





As with our unconventional...