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aebal believes individuals can often be restricted by the barriers society puts up rather than by their disability.


Generally, people are influenced by preconceived expectations of what is perceived to be correct or appropriate behaviour. We are taught what it is to be normal.

However, there are many unconventional people in the world and by forcing conventional behaviour upon them, it can have a detrimental effect on their mental health.


As a support service, we understand that applying this mindset into a social care setting is rarely conducive in improving community independence and is more likely to inhibit and distance people from mainstream society.

We believe this urge to teach normality can be unhelpful, it can limit potential and is driven by an inherent need to ‘make ourselves feel more comfortable’.


At aebal we embrace individuality, alleviate societal pressures and aim to be as creative and unconventional as possible in our approach to social care.


We ensure our staff never patronise or overprotect but instead encourage people to be themselves, make decisions and take control.

Safeguarding is paramount, but equally important to us is to ensure everyone in the service has a true sense of self and a feeling of belonging.

aebal sessions create the social dynamics for self-confidence to flourish and for the community to become a more inclusive and open-minded place.

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